Three most common goal setting mistakes

These are the most common because it happens in the beginning. There are other mistakes that happen along the way but if you’ve just started on it or are thinking about it, tackling these will make achieving your goal so much easier.

1. We don’t have a goal.

This may sound strange but when I talk to myself and hear friends talk, we talk like this: it’d be nice to have a house or have more money or be thin.

But to each of us, those are different.

Thin may mean 5 kilos or 20 kilos less. A nice house may mean a cottage on the beach or a villa in Tuscany.

It’s important to take the vagueness out of the goal and get specific on what you want. Doing this in the beginning means makes it more likely to achieve your goal.

You can do this with every thing you want. Even relationship goals – less arguments, more date nights, finding a life partner, etc.

2. We’re commitment phobic.

Committing to a goal is like deciding to commit to a life partner. We need to choose our goals like a spouse, carefully.

The way I choose my goals is I ask myself such questions:

Is this something I want for the rest of my life? Do I want to be doing this for the long term?

Sometimes, we tend to set a lot of little goals in different areas but really honing down what it is you want (be honest with yourself) will help create focus. Focus will help you achieve the goal.

Don’t give it five minutes if you’re not going to give it five years.

~Meghan Markle

3. We don’t write it down.

I’m not talking about a vision board. If you’re into that then yes, go for it! The most important thing is that it needs to be out of your head (in front of your eyes).

As long as it’s in your head, it isn’t goal.

Companies write their goals down. Your personal goals deserve the same attention. But all you need to do is write in on a piece of paper (or digitally) in a place where you can access it daily.

I have this year’s goal written in my diary/agenda book on the first page. Since I look at it every morning, I can read my goal and it serves as a reminder of where my priorities are.

Writing one sentence about your goal somewhere where you can access it daily helps create believability and helps you to see its possibility!

If you’ve gotten this far and have done this, then coming up are the other mistakes when it comes to goal setting. If you’ve started on your goals I suggest coming back to this and hashing your goal and writing it down.

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