Money and Pounds

Two things people don’t want to talk about are money and weight. And especially when it comes to setting a goal. There are so many beliefs about the two that we’ve taken on from our upbringing that we’re now terrified at even looking at it.

“I don’t want it to be all about money”.

“It isn’t about the number on the scale.”

So we usually don’t set the goal even when what we truly want is more money or less weight on the scale. And if you want it, then guess what, your brain is already thinking about it constantly (unconsciously).

And it makes sense. Money provides us our livelihood (rent, food, etc.) and our weight is one aspect of our health. Besides our relationships, wealth and health are vital to our survival and how we experience life.

Here’s the thing, when we deny money as a measure of our business goals or weight as one of our health goals, we give it more meaning than we care to. The opposite is also true when it becomes the only measurement of our achievement.

The reason this rattles us so much is that we begin to link our success with our goals. That if we don’t achieve our goals (money or weight) we are not successful.

There’s a major difference but because our society believes that success is intrinsically linked to accomplishing our goals we’ve taken on this definition without questioning its validity.

What makes it true? Absolutely nothing. Only if we decide to believe it.

Achieving a goal has nothing to do with success. Success is so subjective that everyone comes up with a new definition on the internet. And sometimes that reinforces that old belief of success = achievement.

But if you look closely to the source you’ll always find a subjective interpretation.

Although the dictionary gives us a foundation, achievement can literally be linked to how you see achievement in your life. The fact you never give up or even all the people and things you already have in your life – that’s achievement.

This one goal, that may at this moment seem impossible, is one aspect of your life. Just like the amount of money or the weight on the scale. It’s one aspect of your overall purpose.

Wealthier can mean you can help others, healthier means you can be more active with your kids, the goal you set is part of something bigger. So the actual measurement you choose is a guide to help your brain focus on the bigger purpose of your life. To give it direction that the brain, by itself, doesn’t do very well.

That’s it. That’s all the goal you set it is – direction for your brain to move you forward to your bigger purpose. Nothing more or less.

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