The Motivation Myth

That energy you see in “other” people and wonder where they got it? Because I wanted some of it.

But over the past few years, I found out that every thing I knew about motivation was a lie.

One of the only truths is that it’s a feeling. Motivation drives us to take action, especially on the things that we want to achieve long-term.

But the feeling has never quite been around when I’ve needed it. Ever notice that?

I used to sit around waiting for it. I wanted to feel motivated to exercise, to make the meal, etc. But when it came time, all I wanted to do was something else or sometimes nothing at all.

If you’ve felt like that I want to tell you that there’s nothing wrong with you (nor with me, for that matter). What you’ve been taught has been a lie that was started somewhere but I’m not really sure of the origin.

And here’s the real truth: Motivation ain’t coming. Brutally, it’s not even around the corner.

Then what? Exactly. Then what are you waiting for? When I finally realised that I needn’t wait for motivation, there was no reason to wait or go looking for it in some “get motivated” strategy or plan. Because you can’t buy it either (lie #2).

You ever notice that motivation appears after you’ve started doing a task. I find it sometimes about half way through the task or just after I’ve finished it.

I’ve been strength training for a year now and I’m never motivated to do it. A year and still every morning motivation doesn’t greet me. But at about half way through I feel motivated to complete the exercises. And then I’m usually able to carry the motivation on to the next task on my agenda.

So, here’s the truth about motivation:

You’ll never feel like doing the thing you need to do at the exact moment you need to do the thing.

And isn’t that freeing? Knowing you don’t need to wait. Accept that it hasn’t arrived and do the thing any way. And motivation will meet you along the way.

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