Get It Done

Growing up, no one taught me how to get things done.

From experts, I learned that’s it’s a skill like learning to read and write. And it’s a life skill that’s invaluable to get things done today and in the future.

Successful people who have achieved what they wanted in life do these 2 things:

  1. Plan
  2. Commit

I resisted the first.

I didn’t want to hear it.

And while I thought I didn’t need nor want to plan I was still not getting the things done (hustling at the last minute), feeling terrible and feeling behind.

I had good reasons – the nature of my job, my family. There was no way planning would work.

I was told “when you’re ready, you’ll see it”. And then I saw it – going about life the same way, expecting something to change. It didn’t.

And then I decided to pay closer attention and try it.

I learned I can plan and when the unexpected happens I can adjust the plan in record time, actually saving me time.

The record time I calculated in one week is

1 hour of planning = 2 days gained

That’s a weekend!

Here’s the planning that worked for me.


“I just wanted to share that I’ve been putting your advice into practice and I manage to achieve a lot more in one day! Thank you so much :).”

~Sophie, Mum & Co-founder of The Glow Team, Europe

Instagram: sophiebartle_glow