Work with Me

I was offered a free session by my former client and after one session I came out of it realising something that no one had told me before about my life. It opened up so much possibility.

From that one session, I haven’t look back.

A mini-session is about

  • getting to know you a little
  • experiencing coaching and seeing how it can help
  • deciding if it’s right for you

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens in a life coaching session? A session is a conversation. I’ll listen to your situation and we’ll objectively work through the situation to unlock the root cause so you can take action to get the result in your life.
What is the difference between coaching and therapy? I had the same question! Therapy looks in depth at the past and past trauma that is affecting you in your present situation. Life coaching looks more at your present situation to enable and empower you to create the future you want.
What’s your background? I’m certified through The Life Coach School. I re-earn my certification each year through continued education with the school. I have a bachelor degree in Food Science as well as a business degree.
What if I’ve tried life coaching and it hasn’t worked? There are various types of life coaching. The certification I’ve earned is causal coaching which means it focuses on the root cause (not the symptoms) of the problem so sustainable results are achieved.
Is it confidential? Absolutely! The only time confidentiality is broken is if your safety or that of another is threatened.