Responding to questions about what you’re eating

“You’re not eating much.”

“Why don’t you have another?”

“Are you trying to lose weight?”

You can hear that family member or friend in your head. Especially the tone.

There seems like there are only two choices. Eat more than you planned or seem impolite. There’s a 3rd option.

“I’m trying to eat awesomely.”

What? Right, it’s not a clear answer. But it is to you. And the person who wants to know what you mean, will be curious enough to ask.

When you respond with awesomeness, it’s honest.

What is your awesomeness when it comes to eating? Are you eating foods that fuel you? Are you eating “more” foods that nourish and “less” that undernourish? Are you honouring when you feel hungry and full?

Awesome can be whatever you want it to be and that’s true and beautiful. When you respond with awesomeness, it’s exciting. You’ve now made the dull, mundane question intriguing.

Why? Because society (quite universally) doesn’t believe in the concept of eating awesomely. It believes you shouldn’t waste food. You deserve a break or you should enjoy life all the time. Whether it’s been with my Indian family, living in the USA and Europe, eating or drinking a lot was the norm.

That’s why your family and friends will ask “Don’t you want some more?”. They’re unaware that they’re going along with a belief system (kind of not very awesome) that’s been passed down (chosen by others) and never questioned it – why do we eat the way we do?

And that’s ok. Because eating awesomely doesn’t conflict with it. You get to choose the way you eat. And that’s awesome. They get to eat the way they want to and that’s ok too.

Eat awesome. Be awesome.

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